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My name is Lijing Cobb, but most people call me LJ, and I'm glad to meet you here. If you are looking to start or enhance your fitness and wellness journey, and would like some guidance and company along the way, please read on. Namaste. 

My Story

I'm a mother of three young children and happily married. While my children are in school, I meet with my private or small group (3-5) clients and help them build and maintain a stronger and more resilient body. My main area of focus is reformer Pilates and yoga, but I have been trained in and certified in many other areas and taught various exercise classes for many years. While there are many other trainers out there who are also eager to make your acquaintance, I would be a certain choice for you if you are looking for a fitness trainer who also has a Ph.D. degree in Comparative Literature. Jokes aside, my approach to teaching fitness and nutrition draws naturally on a more philosophical background, and I love using analogies and imageries to make my teaching more accessible to my clients. Plus, I have been told by countless (well, maybe 100 or so) people, friends and strangers alike, that I have an incredibly soothing and melodious voice when I teach Yoga and Pilates, which is perfectly suited to a career of relieving stress and tension. Try a session with me today and let's find out if we are meant for each other. 


I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning about your individual needs!