Clean & Press


Step 1

Set stance

Feet hip distance apart, turn toes out slightly, soften the knees. Hand thumbs distance apart. Belly in and braced, arms long. Chest is lifted, shoulders slide down the back, eyes forward. 

Step 2

Upright row

Leading with the elbows, keep bar close to the body, bar stops at lower chest, elbows just shy of shoulder line. 

Step 3


In one swift motion, sit back into a squat while simultaneously drop elbows below the bar, catch it. Take care not to swing the bar away from the body. 

Step 4


Drive through the legs, press the bar straight up. Keep the core braced, not arching the back.


Step 5


Bend the knees and catch the bar at collarbone, sitting the weight back into the heels. 

Step 6

Elbows lift

Keeping the bar close to the body, lift the elbows up above the bar, standing tall.


Step 7

Set stance

Lower the bar down, return to set position.