• Lijing Cobb


My favorite color has always been red. My house is painted red on the outside. My kitchen islands are red. When I opened my studio I painted many walls red and bought many equipment in that color. You could say that if you saw what surrounded me, you knew the color red pleased me.

Over the last year or so, my color preference underwent a gradual but dramatic shift. Whenever I bought things, I no longer sought out red. In fact I actively avoided the color. Yellow, green and blue became much more predominant in my choices. Red, for some reason, because too harsh a shade.

In the yogic world we learn about chakras, and the corresponding colors to the 7 chakras are the 7 colors of the rainbow, red on the bottom for the first chakra, going up to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (or white). Red, representing the first chakra, is the color for the primary needs of the human species: survival. Moving up the chain of chakras, we meet the colors of reproduction (orange), power (yellow), compassion (green), seeking of God (blue), wisdom (indigo), and enlightenment (violet or white).

My shift away from my survival mode and the color red was by no means an intentional effort to follow the chakra chart. My new favorites of green and blue do coincide nicely with my thirst for compassion and the search for a higher power though. Isn’t that interesting.

When red populated my world, I had insecurities galore. Everywhere I turned in my own house I stared at that color, and my mind was on high alert, taking the cue from the signal of danger. I did not feel safe or secure, although I lived a comfortable life outwardly. When I started to shy away from singling out red as my color of choice, I also began to identify and therefore eliminate one issue after another of what had plagued me and made me into who I was. I began to realize that I was in fact no longer threatened by anything. I saw possibilities of lasting happiness. I could let go of the fight, ease up on the vigilance, close my eyes, and not be afraid.

Change always signifies something, right?

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