• Lijing Cobb

Year of Good 2022

There are 5 days left of 2021. 5 days to make a plan for what I want to achieve in 2022. 5 days to have an idea of what the year ahead could look like, and 5 days to make up my mind to stick to the plan.

It's not hard to want to stick to the plan: my goal, as the title says, is to be good and do good in 2022. How that's going to unfold is now the question.

I lost my mother on July 19, 2021. My father had passed away in May of 2012. I have a loving and devoted husband, 3 bright and healthy children at 10, 8, and 7 years old. I live on almost 20 acres of land, surrounded by nature in and outside of the house. I'm a fitness professional teaching Pilates and Yoga to wonderful clients. I have a doctorate degree in Comparative Literature and am very comfortable with words.

I'm grieving. The pain of losing the person who gave birth to me is now a part of my consciousness.

I'm celebrating. My nuclear family paint the pages of my life with emphatic strokes. They accept me as I am and give me comfort and love.

I'm fortunate. Nature, friends, a gift with language, and a deep rooted desire to be healthy and to share it with people: all are part of what anchor me and infuse meaning into my life.

It seems that my path is clear. Writing a note to myself, my family, and my readers every day in this new year, sharing the good in my life, shall be the goal of 2022, the Year of Good. I invite you to come along in this journey.

Tomorrow I will share a more concrete plan for January. One month at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time, one word at a time. Every moment is to be savored.

With love, and a hug if you would like one.

Here is a most recent family photo taken at a waterfall in the Shenandoah Valley in early November of this year, a quick get-away trip to see the fall foliage.

My mom smiling behind the carnations I gave her on International Women's Day 4 or 5 years ago. I hope she's smiling every day now. I miss you, mom.

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