Hear It From the People Who Know Best

Agnese M.

Anna Pia F.

LJ is unlike any trainer I have ever worked with! She is passionate, laser focused, enthusiastic, hilarious (without even tying to be), and talented at her craft-just look at her... she is the epitome of health and well being! Since working out with her, I've gone from being a speed walker on the treadmill to a full on runner! She constantly pushes me and challenges me. I know if she is nearing my treadmill I better increase my speed or else lol!!! Anyone that has the pleasure to work with LJ will be happy and will definitely feel challenged (in the best way possible)!

-Danna F.

I am so happy I discovered BodyRevolution by LJ in early December! A variety of different classes I have tried there so far are super fun and challenge me in a great way. Yoga, Pilates, strength training, cardio, the list goes on - there is something for everyone. All of the trainers are amazing and pay so much attention to the form which is super important for me. LJ's commitment to fitness and positivity is contagious. The studio itself is very clean, bright, and inviting. This is my happy place these days.

-Kateryna A.

LJ is an awesome coach. She is motivating and passionate about fitness and healthy living. She will definitely keep you working at your max and help you reach your best potential. 

-Maria-Maribeth K.

Body Revolution is the fitness studio I've been looking for my whole life. The uniqueness and variety of classes is unlike any other gym I've tried. For the first time, I look forward to working out (even at 5:45am) ! Not only am I challenged physically and mentally, but I'm having fun at the same time! The consistent results I've seen in just 6 months has been inspiring and motivating. Body Revolution will motivate, change, inspire and make you a better person every single day. You will crush fears, break bad habits, step outside your comfort zone, all while becoming a part of a loving and supportive community. LJ is an incredible human who has limitless knowledge of fitness; she embraces, loves and challenges her members as it we were her own family. 

-Agnese M.

Studio is awesome and LJ provides a variety of classes for everyone. She helped me get faster and more agile for volleyball in just one season!! Would not want to go anywhere else. :)

-Camryn P.

I've been working out with LJ for over a year and she is a different breed. Her laser focus, passion, and heart set her apart. In addition to that, she is so friendly and encouraging! She somehow manages to speak positive and uplifting words while she's lifting a crazily-stacked barbell or while sweating like a madwoman. It's not only her positivity that's motivating; when you work out alongside her, LJ's energy, physical strength, and endurance make you think, "If she can squeeze another set in, then maybe so can I?!" But LJ isn't one to absentmindedly exercise to exhaustion; she's mindful of potential weak points and is understanding when it comes to needing rest/modifications during the workout. She pushes hard so you can discover what you're capable of and she wouldn't push you to the point of harming your body. I'll admit that there are rare days when I'm not looking forward to going to the gym but when I workout with her, at the end, I never regret it. Like I said, there's no one quite like LJ.

-Betsy C.  

LJ is the full package! Her love and passion for health and fitness shine bright whenever she is coaching. She makes each dn every person truly believe that they can push harder and go further to achieve their goals. Her classes are awesome and I always leave with some good "LJ words of wisdom" and a few laughs along the way! There is never a wasted minute in her class!

-Sarah M.

Body Revolution is a one of a kind studio. I joined for Pilates and have now tried almost every class and I'm hooked. The difference between this studio and others is that you feel a connection between you, the trainers and everyone there. Whether you're a beginner or an expert athlete, they will show you all the adjustments to make to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout and maintaining the proper form. Anyone can do a sit-up, but I didn't realize how hard a true sit-up is when done correctly. So grateful to have LJ and staff in my hometown. 

-Rana P.

LJ is truly a fabulous trainer!! She really pays attention to everyone's form and corrects you if you are not doing an exercise correctly. I look forward to all of her classes at OTF and know that I am going to get an amazing workout every time. She really cares about all participants in her classes and really pushes everyone to be their best. I am a better runner and a lot stronger since meeting her!!!

-Shari K.

This place has truly changed the way I think and feel about exercising. I have gone through so many phases of working out and giving up, but once I started working out with LJ and the rest  of the amazing instructors I have never enjoyed working out so much! LJ is amazing and pushes you to do and be your very best! Not only that but everyone that is part of Body revolution becomes like family and we all get along and motivate each other! Thank you LJ!

-Christina P.

I've been a fitness enthusiast my whole life, but I struggled physically, emotionally, and mentally after giving birth to my child. I couldn't quite get back into things until I joined Body Revolution. Taught by top notch instructors, the group fitness classes include high energy interval training, martial arts/boxing, strength training, boot camp, pilates hot yoga, aerial yoga, and my favorite, Zumba! Because most of the classes are Les Mills, the programs change every 6 weeks so not only do you not get bored, more importantly, your body won't plateau.

-Anne Pia F.

I have trained with LJ, the founder of Body Revolution by LJ, for the past year. LJ’s style is infused into every aspect of b.r.- RESULTS ORIENTED, INTELLIGENT, and SUPER FUN. What’s more: the new studio is gorgeous!

-Terese B.

Great work out space! Clean and bright! Amazing instructors! A variety of classes. LJ ‘s energy and enthusiasm is so motivating! So much fun to take classes here!

-Mary F.

I can honestly say that I have never had a traininer as committed at LJ. My body has completely transformed and I owe it all to her. Not only does she know when to push me harder, she knows when to tell me to ease up and take a recovery day. Most importantly she is great at fixing my form and teaching me how to work smarter - not harder. I used to hate anything but cardio - but now I love anything she’s throws my way! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve how they feel about themselves and/or their fitness level. She can work with anyone, experience doesn’t matter. She will teach you anything you need to know. I can’t wait for everyone out their to experience LJ. Your in for a treat!

-Kerry H. 

You've got to come check out this awesome new exercise studio. LJ offers an awesome mix of classes with something for everyone and the instructors are wonderful and full of great energy...

-Mary V.

LJ is amazing. Not only is she a focused and talented fitness professional but she is also an all around amazing woman. Her approach to fitness and living an active lifestyle inspires me to strive to be my best every single day. When faced with temptation or deciding whether to skip a workout, I frequently find myself asking 'WWLJD'? and almost every single time asking myself that question keeps me on track lol. She is wicked tough as a trainer and can totally see through you when you're not giving something your 100%. Prepare to WORK, no phoning it in at her studio. I can't recommend working with LJ enough, she's the real deal and will make an impact on you in as little as a single session.

-Olga M.

The classes are awesome—LJ keeps you moving and engaged and an hour just flies. I also love the whole atmosphere of the studio—spotless and clean with vibrant red touches and inspirational sayings all around.

-Patricia S. 

LJ will change the way you look at fitness and the lifestyle you always wanted will be yours!! She will inspire you and keep you motivated her workouts are awesome can't get enough!

-Andrea Z.

LJ helped transform my physical fitness as well as my attitude about putting my health first. I will forever be thankful to her passion and fitness instruction.

-Jill D.

I have been training with LJ for over a year now. Thanks to LJ, my strength, agility, endurance and balance have all improved tremendously! The workouts that LJ plans (Yes, she creates a personalized plan for me!) are always challenging and yet FUN! I highly recommend Body Revolution by LJ!

-Bonnie S.

LJ is amazing! She is funny and really knows how to motivate you throughout the process. I look forward to joining on Monday nights for the Body Attack class!

-Diane P.

I cannot understand how incredible LJ is! Not only did her guidance and support help me change my body, it helped me change how I think about my body- because of her I've really learned how to tap into what feels right for me and as a result I'm in the best shape I've ever been in! I've also found her framing around goal setting not only helpful in my workouts- but I've been seeing it help in all aspects of my life. Truly- she embodies wellness... and she'll kick your butt!

-Kira L.

LJ is an incredible trainer. She is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and easily translates her skills to the average person. Most importantly. she will push you to overcome your lack of confidence and give you the guidance to reach and exceed your goals. I highly recommend her services.

-Marisol R.

LJ is an amazing teacher. Her classes are fast paced and keep you engaged and working the whole time.

-Patricia S.

LJ is inspiring, motivating, and committed to our overall well-being!! Working out with her is HARD WORK & FUN!! She is the BEST!!!

-Yonca O.

An amazing space with caring, thoughtful clients and teachers. I give Body Revolution by LJ my highest recommendation!

-Jennifer S.

I love having such a wonderful place so close to home! LJ is a fabulous instructor, the studio is clean and offers a nice variety of classes. Home run for LJ and Whitehouse Station!

-Jenn W.

I have just recently begun working out with LJ. I'm loving her enthusiasm and attention to proper form. She's a lot of fun and I look forward to working out with her whenever I can. I also enjoy her stories she shares about her loving family. 

-Maryann L.

LJ delivers! She's extremely passionate and knowledgeable. LJ pushes you to go harder, but NEVER beyond your limitations. She genuinely cares about her students' wellbeing and loves what she does! Nothing better...

-Libby K.

Working out with LJ is the best decision I have ever made. Each session is unique, based on my needs and challenging. I look forward to every session!

-Erin B.

What an AWESOME studio! So clean and classes are AMAZING! Working out has never been so much FUN also!! Happy, hardworking, fun instructors. What more could you want?

-Karen W.

LJ is very passionate about fitness and it shows in her skills as a trainer. She wants to make sure no one gets hurt so if your form is wrong, she will make sure to correct it. She challenges people to do their best!

-Sandra S.

I am not an athlete or in good shape. What I love about LJ is she is motivating without making you feel badly. She makes sure your doing the exercises correctly and pushed you to be your best self!!!!

-Karen R.

This place is incredible! The energy and excitement is invigorating! Great job LJ. Can't wait to see where this is all going to go!!

-Robin G.