At Body Revolution we are constantly thinking of ways to help our community to live and move better. We know that a big part of the challenge to living an active and healthy life is the lack of proper guidance and support. For this reason we have and will continue to run workshops and seminars on different topics to help our clients understand and therefore perform better both in and out of the studio. In the past we have done workshops on programs such as BodyComat, BodyPump, and Les Mills Barre, as well as nutrition seminars on shop smarter, counting calories/macros, and belly busters. In October, 2019, we launched our "Let's Talk" series and the founder of Body Revolution, Dr. Lijing Cobb, shared tips and tricks on how to get and stay motivated on top of your fitness game to finally achieve that killer body you have always desired. On December 6 of this year, this talk series will continue with a sequel of how to build a balanced workout regimen and achieve longevity in our fitness game by preventing injuries. Come join us! 


Body Revolution “Let’s Talk” Series

Episode 2: No to Injuries, Yes to Longevity! 

Featuring: Dr. Lijing Cobb 

Friday, December 6, 7-9pm

So we start a fitness journey, and we discover our favorites and not so favorites. Maybe we stay with what we think is safe and away from what could potentially be dangerous or embarrassing. Maybe we say no to certain programs for no particular reason at all other than we know nothing about them. Maybe we don't go near certain areas because we think they are boring. Maybe we are short on time (who isn't???) and need to prioritize, so some things gotta get left out... There are many reasons why we train the way we do, and we are not placing judgment on whether a certain way is right or wrong. But we do want to look into the anatomy of a training program and dissect its components to see what they do for us individually and collectively, and what benefits they are offering us, as well as potential hazards. We hear about injuries all the time: with physical movement come injuries; with lack of movement come injuries! But out of all the confusion and chaos of what to do and what to avoid, we do believe that there is a way that makes sense, and there are certain things that we ALL need to do to stay in the game longer. Come find out the rest of the story. 

Talk starts at 7pm. Come dressed in your workout clothing and bring a pair of indoor workout sneakers, as we will be moving around plenty to get our blood flowing and bodies warm while we explore topics related to injury prevention. $5 per participant. All are welcome! Call us to sign up now! 

Past Events

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Body Revolution “Let’s Talk” Series

Episode 1: I want that body! 

Featuring: Dr. Lijing Cobb 

Friday, October 11, 7-9pm


In this episode LJ shares her “secrets” on building towards a strong and defined body. Come for some inspiration to get started or build on to your existing programs. Learn concrete strategies that will help you ground in reality and keep pushing forward relentlessly for your ultimate goal. Bring your questions, smiles, camaraderie, a pen and a notebook. Get ready to challenge yourself, commit to your goals, and change your body!